Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Itty Bitty Baby Toes

I am at that point in my life where my sons are "grown" but not yet married.  It's like a mother's purgatory.  Your babies need you, but they DON'T need you.  They have not started families of their own, so there are no little ones around to spoil the bejeezus out of.  Now, do not be fooled by this commentary into thinking that I don't still do everything in my power to continue to spoil my men-boys.  I am quite sure that, much like the scene in "A Christmas Story", where Ralphie is in the bunny costume and the comment is made something to the effect of his Aunt laboring under the delusion that he was not only still 4 years old, but also a girl, they might think similar thoughts about the things I continue to do/make/send them.  My response, TOUGH! They will always be my babies, and there is nothing wrong with silly little things to make someone smile!  Deal with it.

When they were little, I did quite a bit of sewing for them.  This was my pre-knitting era.  Had I known how, they would have been swaddled, wrapped, socked, sweatered, soakered, mittened, and hatted up beyond yarny belief.

The project of making baby blankets for a group in Okinawa that my Marine son asked me to do continues, but now has branched out.  It is impossible for me to avoid the lure of itty bitty baby things.  Granted, I have a large enough stash of baby appropriate sock yarn to make more baby hats, socks and booties than they would know what to do with, but, in true Knitting Addict fashion, I must confess that my LYS sucked me in yesterday with little puffs of darling colors.  The Boy had already given me the okay to send baby hats and booties, as well as the blankets, but I have been stuck in the Breaking Bad Sweaters hell production mode.  The third one (yes, boy number 3 decided he did want one after all) is still on needles and although it is slogging along, it is beginning to feel like it will never end.

After yesterday's evil display of yarny yumminess resulting in the purchase of 5 sweet puffs of yarn, the project A.D.D. kicked in and my determination to finish the final sweater was no match for thoughts of sweet little baby toes tucked into teensy sockies.  I'm a sucker for baby toes...don't deny it, many of you are also!

What:  Stretch Baby Socks

With:  My First Regia in Kevin colorway


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  1. Is there anything cuter than tiny baby toes tucked inside sweet baby socks? Have fun knitting these up!



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