Friday, April 11, 2014

Seeing Stripes

Hot off the needles are the latest additions to my sock knitting obsession.  For some reason, socks seem to go so much faster, when in reality, the stitch count of a pair of socks is comparable to knitting an entire sweater!  Must be because of the teensy circular needles and the purse portability of them.

So what are they?

Beginner's Lightweight Socks by Knitting Pure and Simple.  This is the pattern I used several years ago for my very first pair of socks.  As I recall, it took me an entire summer of baseball practices and games to complete them!  Fortunately, my speed has exponentially increased.  This is a super simple and basic pattern that truly lets the magical yarn properties shine through.

Yarn:  Saki Bamboo in Cedar Lake colorway.  The color progression is lovely.  Surprisingly, I seem to have overcome my need for complete symmetry as these are more fraternal than identical twin sockies.  Needles used were 2.75mm tiny circulars and double points for the toe.

I'm back to working on the last Breaking Bad sweater.  I have to finish it quickly before the weather for the wearer is way too warm...he will still have some cool nights for a little bit longer.  These sweaters have really kicked my butt and honestly, I have been procrastinating finishing this one.  However, guilt washes over me every time I look in the bottom of my knitting bag.  Too bad I wasn't smart enough to stuff it in a cabinet and forget about it, but Mother Guilt rules my brain.

Hoping for a fun weekend.  Starting it off with a hot date tonight...plotting trench lines for irrigation to the garden spot.  Yippee!  Yay for me, though, since we are going over straight from the shop and I have a long dress and sandals on, I may be able to excuse myself to the bench under the tree at the back of the garden.  You can bet I will be "planted" with sweater knitting in hand.  hahahaha

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