Friday, May 16, 2014

At least I am consistent...

Oops, I did it again.  Truly, it is not my intention to create a "Groundhog Day" themed blog.  Blah, blah, blah.  I know, it's been over a month.  In my defense, it's been a hectic month.  Add garden demands and a two week trip to care for a son on top of the normal crazy and it is what it is.

toe up/two at a time

Knitting-wise, I am still on the baby sock kick.  Mainly because I can knock out a sock in an hour and a half.  Baby blankets are chugging along, with one on needles.  In the adult realm, socks are still forefront there as well.  The Alhambra pair is a little over halfway done, but stranded colorwork does not lend itself well to sleepy eyes.  The final Breaking Bad sweater...I don't really want to talk about that, thank you very much!  Obviously, it is not finished.  Promised the boy that it would be done for him to wear in time for this year's cold season.  Not going to lie, I am sick of those dad-blamed things!  During my little time away from home, I managed to venture into the new to me world of toe up/two at a time socks.

A glimpse into a little bit of controlled fun, once my patient was a teensy bit more mobile:

So, in an attempt to reboot my brain to bloggy world, let's have a little fun.

Friday Five:  Five things I love and why...but not the normal things you would think!

1.  My all time, hands down favorite comfort foods are macaroni and cheese made the way my Granny did (grated cheese with a little bit of milk and butter stirred straight into the hot pasta) and cold canned peaches in heavy syrup.  Why?  Because that is what my Granny always fixed me when I stayed with her.

2.  Driving fast.  I have a lead foot and am not ashamed to admit...or!

3.  Finding stinking awesome deals.  I really do not care for shopping.  I am not a clothes horse and am not impressed by name brands or the people that insist upon purchasing them.  However, if I can find a ridiculously good deal on something of quality (CANNOT have the brand/designer emblazoned upon it for all the world to see) that is timeless and classic in nature, I get all giddy when making the purchase.  However, most of the time I talk myself out of a lot of things because I imagine wearing or using the item and then don't need it anymore because I've already mentally experienced it.

4.  Playing piano.  Granted, I'm not that great and my consistent repertoire is fairly limited, but there is something mentally soothing about creating music.  The one thing negatively associated with this activity is when someone fusses because rarely will I conform to the tempo suggested.  I play from the heart and it is an emotional tempo that fuels my fingers.

5.  Going to the 4th of July Indians Baseball game at Victory Field.  This is a little weird for me, because I loathe the entire sports mentality.  The whole sporting world is nothing more than a modern day version of Roman gladiators.  However, sitting in the stands people watching (we like to pick out groups of people and decide which character from Friends they are most like), halfway watching the game and then watching both the field's fireworks and the downtown Indy's fireworks display is a tradition I truly love.  We missed it last year, hopefully that won't happen this year.

Happy Friday y'all.

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