Thursday, May 22, 2014

Eating close to home...

As a dietitian, even if I have not actively practiced in a number of years, I am keen on the idea of eating well.  That is not to say there are not a few purely not that great for me things to eat that I LOVE, but overall, my goal is to eat healthy.  No fads, no gluten-free, no Paleo, no low carb, no vegan, etc...just plain good cooking made with the best ingredients I can use.  Sorry folks, but I don't buy into the vast majority of garbage "diets" out there.  There is not, nor has there ever been, a magical diet that will solve all of your nutritional problems.  In fact, when it comes to weight loss, the only weight you are guaranteed to lose from all of the "miracle diets" and books/videos/what have you is the weight of the money you took from your pocket and gave away.  For many years, even when actively working as a dietitian, my viewpoints and approach differed from the norm of the medical/dietetics field.  Now, many years later and looking more in depth into what the gurus and powers that be in the field have purported as gospel, study after study is confirming that a lot of what was preached was actually not the best approach.  My approach, in its most simplistic form, is to cook REAL food made with real ingredients.  Skip the mixes, boxes, bags, premades whenever possible.

Over the last few years, we have been able to get back into the groove of growing many of our foods and sourcing out foods we can't grow from local growers that don't add anything unnecessary such as hormones and antibiotics.  Recently, we stumbled across a local farm that pasture raises beef, pork and chickens with no antibiotics or hormones.  For a couple of years our beef has been obtained from a local grower that does only grass fed beef with no antibiotics or hormones.  At first we were a bit skeptical, and then the first bite of that first hamburger sealed the deal.  THAT was what I remember a hamburger tasting like when I was growing up.  Sold!

This week I placed our first, smallish order from Tyner Pond Farm.  I liked what I read and wanted to try it.  Add to that, free delivery makes for a wonderful experience.  (had it delivered to our business to take advantage of the free delivery option)  Last night we had some thin, boneless pork chops with our meal.  Wow!  What a concept, food that has taste all on its own.  Check them out and send them some love, they are a keeper!

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  1. Amen! Especially in regards to all these trendy diets everywhere. So much confusion and contradiction.



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