Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hello, my name is Earl...

As I had previously mentioned, during our move, one of the cats (Amos to be precise) escaped.  The thought of changing the name of this blog crossed my mind, but in all reality, it was highly unlikely that another little kitty would not come into my life.

My father-in-law has some rental properties and the tenants were leaving one of them.  There was a kitten that was supposedly theirs but their intention was to abandon it.  FIL has a super soft heart and couldn't stand that thought so he brought it home with him.  It is believed that he had an ulterior motive/plan to gift me with the little darling.

He walked into the office a week or so ago and said "I have a kitty for you." He proceeded to detail all the ways in which this little furball was worthy of my love...combined with a whispered "if you take him, I will pay to have him fixed".  Wes was skeptical.  We were adapting to only having four cats.  The cats were adapting and enjoying not having to deal with the stress of Amos' idiosyncrasies. In fact, Ashley was becoming more social and Sophie was becoming less of a Miss Grumpy Butt.  The pecking order and hierarchy had been re-aligned.

And then, in walks Earl.

If looks could speak, then Sophie was screaming, "what fresh hell is this that you have unleashed upon us?!?!?!'

In his defense, Earl is just a kitten and is not really trying to attack.  He thinks all these other creatures are toys that WANT to play non-stop.  

It has been a week and things are settling down.  Earl is sort of fitting in.  The others are beginning to tolerate him and he finally has overcome his fear of Jack.  Oddly enough, Jack outside in the yard with him scares him silly, but going nose to nose with a pony and a cow doesn't seem to phase him.  

The plan is to train him to be an indoor/outdoor cat.  The barn and a couple of the outbuildings could benefit from a good mouser.  In his short life, it is clear that he had not been regularly fed and was a scrounger/trash cat.  (including an I don't know how long it had been there dead mouse he found in the yard by the pasture fence).

What is remarkable about the sweet boy?  He is extremely docile with humans to the point of going limp in your arms and allowing you to pet and cuddle him.  He purrs up a storm and gives loads of kitty kisses.  He most definitely is a keeper.

Sophie is simply going to have to deal with it.

Welcome to your new home full of adventures Earl!

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