Friday, October 3, 2014

Random Crap

...because I've been away too long, because it's Friday, and because this is MY blog and I can do/say whatever I please!

Yada yada yada...been gone too long.  Well, a whole lot has been going on.  Multiple trips to see and take care of two of my sons...both in different locations.  Moving to a small farm, but not actually living in it yet due to the MASSIVE amounts of remodeling and renovating required of the house, the land, the barn, the pond, the fence, all the outbuildings...the list is mind boggling, but you get the picture.  My darling hubster promised me it would only take about 7 weeks to get the house livable.  That was nearly 10 weeks ago, and for the sake of all that is good in this world about the fabulous opportunity this move has afforded us, we will leave it at that.  However, while Mama may not be happy about that particular point, everything else that is amazing about the property trumps my grumps.  It has been a real eye opener to have the bulk of my possessions packed away and realize that I haven't actually died because I did not have ready access to every single one of my lead crystal serving pieces or all the little knick knacks.  Less truly is more.  House wise, every major piece of the puzzle is either purchased or is on order.  A'int nothing I can do about someone else's production schedule.  It will all get here when it does.  Windows should be here any day.  The custom cut walnut wood floor is about 2 more weeks out.  And, the kitchen cabinetry, which wasn't supposed to be ready until after the floor was here, somehow managed to get done first...but there it sits, waiting, far more patiently than me.

Knitting and spinning?  A little, but not at the rate I previously was able to accomplish.  I used to have a 45 minute commute each way.  Now, 7 minutes unless traffic is bad, then 10 minutes.  Evening knitting?  That was funny.  Say something else funny, I could use the laugh.  But, where there is a will, there is a way...and a job where you can do pretty much what you want 'cuz you are the boss.

Last weekend was a welcome respite of 'pacas, production and plying.  Spent the weekend at my favorite alpaca farm with friends (fleecy and non-fleecy).  It was National Alpaca Farm Days and a great time was had by all that ventured out to Hoosier Heartland Alpacas.  I had the distinct pleasure of working with a little girl that had come with her father to an open house a few months ago and wanted to learn how to drop spindle.  She was a natural.  It was exciting to see her come back, spindle in hand, to get more fiber.  And then it happened.  I apologized profusely to her father.  She was sitting and spindling when I asked if she would like to try my wheel.  That was it.  Done deal.  Sweetie wants a wheel.  Sorry about that! (not really...she was interested, open to learning, and took to it immediately)  Hey, I am not ashamed to be a fiber arts fanatic.

On my wheel last week was some lovely Shetland wool, dyed in a gradient from black to dark grey,
One bobbin done and plied, with still a little over 4 oz of fiber yet to spin.  No idea what it wants to become once all is said and done, but it is some purty yarn!

A couple of other projects on needles:

Linnie: a sweet little baby cardigan being done up with some yarn I was gifted.

The Countess of Landsfeld shawl using Blue Heron Rayon Metallic in one of my all time favorite colorways.  Can you say squishy soft to the max, but also super slippery insanity if it slips off the needles suddenly?

It is Friday, which means Date Night normally, but frankly, I've got retail therapy on the brain.  I am doing my third style challenge with Get Your Pretty On in an attempt to get out of my "if it's a black top and blue jeans I'm wearing it" rut.  The shopping list came out last night, and while I have nearly everything on the list already living somewhere in my closet boxes (HA!!!) who doesn't love getting a few new things.  So, my local peeps, if you see me sporting something slightly out of fashion character for me, know that I have not completely lost my mind, just perhaps, my one track fashion mind!

In other random news, during the process of moving, one of the cats (Amos) escaped and never returned.  While this makes me beyond sad, I can only hope that he managed to find his way to a new home.  Believe me, I searched and searched and searched.  On the home front, the remaining kitties seem to actually be relieved that he is gone.  He had a freakishly tight attachment to me as a result of imprinting on me as a kitten since I bottle fed him and his litter-mates from just a few days old.  This attachment to me often resulted in him being mayyyybe a little psychotically territorial and a fight instigator with the others if he thought for one second that my attention was diverted from him.  I still miss the little bugger, though.  All of that has also prompted me to consider changing my blog name, but let's face it, where there is a Dina, there is bound to be at least several more kitties adopted which cements my fate as  Five (or more) Cats from Crazy.  

OHHHH, and in case you can't tell...I quit when it comes to styling (or attempting to) fabulous photos full of frous frous fiddliness.  Seriously, who has time for that?  You get what you get and you'll like it!

(don't say I didn't warn you about the randomness today)



  1. LOL! What a fun post. Hope your home gets all worked out soon. I've never heard of Hoosier Heartland. I must be too far west? But definitely will be at Corydon!!

  2. oh, you have had your hands full. Once that farm is settled and you can unwind, you will love it. National Alpaca Farm Days is always fun. I bought my first Alpaca at a visit to one and now look at me. I didn't get to participate this year due to my daughter's Cross Country schedule.

    Teaching someone to spin is always a treasure, especially a young child. Hooray for you.

    Looking forward to more of your adventures.

  3. OMG, your Amos looks just like my Michou (also a bottle-fed baby). I can definitely sympathize with losing a cat during a move; I lost two myself.



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