Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WIPS and the dangers of bookstores...

Normally the Wednesday plan would be to post about what projects I'm currently working on and yammer about them for a bit.  That's going to happen, but on a different level/variety. 

In anticipation of moving, I packed up all my yarny/fibery/crafty stuff but kept out a stash of things I might want to play with. 

These are the aforementioned potential WIPS (works in progress in case you wondered):

Of course, I am still working, nay trudging along, on the sweet little baby cardigan and lacy shawl:

They are pretty mundane pieces that keep my fingers in the groove, but don't offer any real challenge...which may be why they simply travel everywhere with me...tucked neatly into a project bag carried in my purse (in reality they are stuffed in the bag and by all appearances when pulled out are having some sort of wild party in there complete with stripping off their needles and getting all tangled up) and don't get a lot of knit action.  

Popped into Half Price Books this afternoon and was coerced into buying a couple of knitting books. They made me do it I swear!  Fortunately, the projects in said books are pretty darn cool, so any trickery and tomfoolery used by way of super cheap prices is easily forgiven. 

The first one is "Color Style" by Pam Allen and Ann Budd. I mean really, can you have too many colorwork sweaters or socks. Must.cast.on.soon.  Lookie lookie...totes adorbs (which I've been told by my offspring that I'm not allowed to say, but they get their lack of following directions ability from me)...

The other book is "Vintage Knit Knacks" by Sue Culligan. I wasn't really that keen on getting it, as I have done several similar projects until I saw the pattern for this:

Shut the front door, get outta here, OMG, or whatever you wish to exclaim. Are you kidding me??? A knit clock made using a frisbee. SOLD!!

Stay tuned for more WIPS. 

Who knows what will be on my needles next!

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  1. Love the clock and the "Peace and Love" gloves!



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