Sunday, November 9, 2014

Porch Knitting

What a beautiful day it is today!  A little chilly, but tolerable. 

The sun porch of the farm is the perfect locale for some chunky yarn knitting with two of my animal peeps while the hubs and a helper are installing new ceiling drywall in the hearth room.  Once that is up, he can proceed with hanging drywall over a brick wall in the room and then the wood stove hearth can be laid. The stove is a beast, but is a beautiful beast and, according to the specs, will be able to heat the entire house. 

So for now, my job is to sit and supervise while happily knitting away. My turn with laying tile, staining wood floors, painting walls and unpacking/arranging our new home is fast approaching. 

Who doesn't love a charcoal grey and mustard yellow combo in a chunky cowl??  Add to it the yarn being luscious baby alpaca and you just can't lose!

Have a happy...and warm...Sunday!!

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