Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Earl's Big Day

Poor baby. 

He's spending the night away from home following a little life changing procedure. 

He's such a great cat. I had to run a quick errand this morning before heading to the vet, so he was stuck in the carrier for a bit. As soon as we were on the road, I released him and he settled in to his spot on my lap. He doesn't move or interfere in any way. 

Once we were at the vet (who operates on a strict first come first served basis. which means there is often a few hours wait, but it's worth it because of his dedication to the animals he cares for), Earl settled in nicely and soon wanted out of the carrier. 

Being the most awesome cat that he is, it took only seconds before he was snoozing in my arms, on the seat behind me and even snuggled up to the gentleman beside me. 

All the while (we were there over 4 hours) he was completely oblivious to all the other cats, little dogs, big dogs, kittens, puppies and humans surrounding  him.

Earl...you are one cool cat. See you soon when you are cleared for pick up. 

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