Wednesday, December 24, 2014


It's in full force.  Knitter's Attention Deficit Disorder. 

So many projects.  So little time.  Oooooh, wait...there's another.  

Ravelry will be the death of me.  And if not it, then Pinterest will complete the job!

I have projects on needles.  A couple in my bag and several more still tucked away in the moving boxes that will seem bright and new once the boxes are unpacked in their new abode...a K.A.D.D.'s dream come true!

Facebook is not helping either with the tempting project posts and commentaries in a couple of knitting groups.

My Modern Quilt Wrap is slowly taking form.  Ten squares down and only 62 more to go.  It is an easy knit, or would be super easy if it weren't for the fiddliness of Kid Seta yarn and the bajillions of ends that have to be woven in.  I got smart from the get go (who am I kidding...I am still AT the get go) and have been weaving ends in at the completion of each square.  The idea of that many tails hanging around and taunting me at the end of the project is enough to put the fear into me to stay on top of them!

The old brain needed some mindless knitting, so a pair of plain socks got started with some self-patterning workhhorse sock yarn.

And then yet again I was sidetracked by Naughty Reindeer hats (you're going to have to look that one up on your own) and pom poms. 

So, when someone asks me what is on my needles, the easiest answer is "What isn't?"

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