Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Year of the Knitting

Happy New Year!

Hubs and I are such party animals...not. 

We spent the day working on the house remodel/rehab. I was consumed with scrubbing dirt and horrific amounts of graffiti off of a bedroom's four walls, closet and ceiling. It's going to take some serious hard core primer to cover up this mess.  Wes worked on the shower pan liner and prepping for me to lay the tile as the last chore of the day. 

Hindsight taught us to trust our gut that perhaps there was not enough pitch to the pan, but we were anxious to get the tile cut and down before leaving for our date night. 

We got it done, but were in a rush to get done, cleaned up and out the door to the movie time we picked. All the while, a nagging fear was eating at me.  (This fear was realized a little bit ago when the shower failed the rolling marble test.  Fortunately, the mortar had not yet fully hardened.) 

Made it to the movie (Interstellar), home, and since we are such party animals I was falling asleep before midnight. 

Today brought the decadent joy of sleeping in followed by brunch. I had read this morning about how this is supposed to be the Year of the Goat. But, I disagree, and here is why:  goat = angora goat = fiber = spinning = yarn = knitting. So, in fact, it really is the Year of the Knitting!  

In honor of such a wonderful time, I did that daring feat...KIP...aka knitting in public.  Not to mention the first 45 rows of this fingerless mitt were completed during the movie!

Happy Year of the Knitting!!!  May you have many WIPs that you turn to FO's with no frogging/tinking to slow you down!!

*WIP - work in progress
*FI - finished object
*frogging or tinking - ripping out 

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