Thursday, September 17, 2015


Over this past weekend we went to the 80th birthday of one of Wes' dearest friends and mentors. It was a wonderful event. The party boy had mentioned some time ago that he had never ever had a birthday party. Well, he did this year...and a surprise one at that!

Family and friends from far and wide came to celebrate. Or so it seemed, for the most part. Unfortunately, this milestone event was taking place at the same time as the Colts game. The horror. (Note that this is said with complete sarcasm as I don't give a hoot about any sports). 

What was horrible was observing his sons and grandsons FROM OUT OF TOWN huddle at tables watching/keeping up with the game on their electronics and completely ignoring the guest of honor. 

Growing up, I was very close to both my grandparents and my great-grandparents. I loved them dearly and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them. In fact, after getting my drivers license I went every single Sunday to hang out with my Great Grandfather. Not because someone told me to, but because I loved him and wanted to spend time with him because I knew his time was limited. So, I went, every week right up until I moved away to complete my internship in Dallas.  Even after moving, I always went to see him on trips home.  A wonderful blessing was getting to place my darling firstborn son in his arms. At just over 100 years old, he held Alex tenderly and gazed upon him while  saying, "hello there old chappie". 

Grandad passed away not long after that. I took great consolation in knowing that I always did the right thing by taking the time to see him and making sure he knew I loved him, I liked him and I respected him. 

So, Sunday my heart was saddened by the blatant disrespect shown by sons and grandsons. I desperately wanted to take those electronics away and tell them to STOP and pay attention to the one that gave them life and has always been there for them. It would likely have fallen on deaf ears. Some lame excuses would have been given. But at the end of the day, they were the losers. They missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Seems to be happening more and more and, of late on a closer to home level. I hate that. But we all know who the losers will be. 

Moral of the story, get off your high horse, get rid of distractions, put aside differences and cherish the ones that cherish you.  It may be your last chance. 

I'm on my way home to see my Daddy... I love you and can't wait to see you. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wild and Crazy Wednesday

Because that's how I roll. 

Or anyway, I'll roll as soon as my tires are rotated and balanced. 

In the meantime, living the daring life of a public waiting room knitter. 

The Danshui cardigan is taking form. So far, it's not annoying the crap out of me and stands a good chance of being completed. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Great Pumpkin


Pumpkin bread. 


One of my favorite things about autumn is knowing that it will soon be time for one of my favorite treats...pumpkin bread. My mother always made an outstanding recipe that she baked in coffee cans.  Once I began home keeping, the tradition continued with a couple of changes:  I don't always use coffee cans anymore and I prefer to use fresh pumpkin. 

Ideally the pumpkin of choice is homegrown, but that doesn't always happen. Take last year, for example. We had a larger garden spot at my in-laws home. The pumpkin seeds were lovingly started and the vines were carefully tended. My excitement grew as I watched so many beautiful orange orbs ripen. The anticipation of those pie pumpkins turning into yumminess fueled my gardening care. 

And then it happened. 

Every single one of those gorgeous pie pumpkins disappeared from the garden. Cut from the vine. I am highly suspicious that one of their neighbors cut them for her own use as she has been known to visit and help herself to vegetables before. 

I was heartbroken. 

This year was not going to be a repeat. 

The master plan was to contain the plants in the raised beds at our farm. I cut back my production goals to only 5 plants. Seeds were tucked into the soil. Out of 5 seeds, only one germinated. That seemed to be okay as the plant was covered with all the right blooms. However, only one fruit grew. 

One is better than none. Especially considering this year's weird garden weather.  

Earl is my pie pumpkin protector. 

It's a Great Little Pumpkin. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Take that Jimmy John's!!

I love love love the Vegetarian sandwich at Jimmy John's...with extra sprouts and NO tomatoes.

Or I did until a few years ago when they removed sprouts because of the "danger".

Recently, I discovered that some stores still use them, but it is at the discretion of the owner.  Occasionally we order lunch in at the shop, and JJ's used to be a favorite.  One day I was truly jonesing for some veggie sandwich and decided to order even without the sprouts (for the record, it does NOT taste the same without them).  What a surprise to discover that the location that will deliver to us, does use them, but YOU HAVE TO CLICK OFF ON A DISCLAIMER ABOUT THEM BEING POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS!  Are you kidding me???

Oh well, sprouts are sprouts.  Ordered, with the stupid click, only to discover after the delivery guy left, that extra sprouts was noted on the order, but the sandwich was sprout nekkid.  Bummer.

So what is a sprout loving girl to do?

Grow my own.

So I did.

I can bake my own lovely baguette, always have provolone cheese, lettuce and guacamole in the fridge and can pick up a cucumber, so.......

End of sad sprout-less story.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Finally Friday...

It's been a long week and the weekend respite is welcome!!

Remember the lovely handspun that stole my heart?

It is in time out.

Cast on for a pair of vanilla socks so the self-striping effect could do its thing.  Adjusted the stitch count at the heel turn/foot to make the foot a touch tighter to offset the fact that the yarn is straight up merino with no poly in it for stretch/rebound.  Sounded like a good plan (except for the other point of forgetting to write down exactly what mods I made to the pattern).  But, jeeeeeeeeeezzzzz, these suckers were turning out LARGE and not in charge!  The source of the error, besides me, is likely the has some thick/thin areas that I believe were throwing the whole thing off.  It also was apparent that, despite there being around 55 grams of mostly sock weight yarn in the first skein and 57 in the second, there was not going to be enough to finish each sock.  Not really a problem, as I had already made the decision to use some scraps of obnoxiously clashing yarn for the one would ever see it, but I would always know there was a crazy party going on in my shoes!

That was problem number one of the week.

The second came in the way of a sweater that has been bugging me since it was cast on.  The yarn is a gorgeous color way of purple hand dyed, but it clearly was not color set.  How do I know this?  My slightly purple tinged needles and hands when working with it were a big clue.  The other issue with the sweater is tied up with several things about it that have nothing to do with the sweater per se.

Not a great start to the week when you spend your Monday Night Knit Night ripping out two projects.

After much searching and deliberating with a couple of trusted pattern pickers, a second choice was made.  Sort of so far, so good.

Spent a couple of nights canning:

Peaches, sweet sweet peaches!!


And now, I'm ready for the weekend.  

Saturday, September 5, 2015

What do you expect...

for $1.98???

I dearly love hanging my clothes on a line to dry. Always have and always will. 

Not to mention the "solar powered" dryer being wonderful for utility bills, it is sort of the slow cooker equivalent in laundry. Hang it and forget it. 

Unless a thunderstorm pops up like it did today. 

My peg bag had already fallen apart. Which was to be expected considering what it was made of. 

This afternoon I hung out at my sewing machine for a little bit and whipped up a new bag using a heavy duty hanger and some olllllld ticking fabric that was in a remnant pile from my Granny's and Great Grandmother's fabric stash. 

Hung up the rest of the laundry and went my merry way. Until, a pop up storm decided to pretend the clothes line pole was a bendy straw.  My dearest fixed and reset the pole. The new bag got a little 
wet but held up just fine and if the feather pillows the ticking was originally used for are any gauge, this little bag will be around for many years. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Kitchen Help

As a little girl, I spent a lot of time with my Granny in her kitchen.  

This stool was a fixture there.  

I can't begin to count the number of times it was pulled up to the counter so I could reach and help roll out dough for pies or any number of other kitchen help activities.  Or, the number of times I would sit on it while we shared an ice cold Dr. Pepper and a handful of peanuts.  

This stool...

And now it resides in my kitchen, patiently awaiting little helpers.  

I promise to have ice cold drinks and snacks to share.


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