Friday, September 11, 2015

Finally Friday...

It's been a long week and the weekend respite is welcome!!

Remember the lovely handspun that stole my heart?

It is in time out.

Cast on for a pair of vanilla socks so the self-striping effect could do its thing.  Adjusted the stitch count at the heel turn/foot to make the foot a touch tighter to offset the fact that the yarn is straight up merino with no poly in it for stretch/rebound.  Sounded like a good plan (except for the other point of forgetting to write down exactly what mods I made to the pattern).  But, jeeeeeeeeeezzzzz, these suckers were turning out LARGE and not in charge!  The source of the error, besides me, is likely the has some thick/thin areas that I believe were throwing the whole thing off.  It also was apparent that, despite there being around 55 grams of mostly sock weight yarn in the first skein and 57 in the second, there was not going to be enough to finish each sock.  Not really a problem, as I had already made the decision to use some scraps of obnoxiously clashing yarn for the one would ever see it, but I would always know there was a crazy party going on in my shoes!

That was problem number one of the week.

The second came in the way of a sweater that has been bugging me since it was cast on.  The yarn is a gorgeous color way of purple hand dyed, but it clearly was not color set.  How do I know this?  My slightly purple tinged needles and hands when working with it were a big clue.  The other issue with the sweater is tied up with several things about it that have nothing to do with the sweater per se.

Not a great start to the week when you spend your Monday Night Knit Night ripping out two projects.

After much searching and deliberating with a couple of trusted pattern pickers, a second choice was made.  Sort of so far, so good.

Spent a couple of nights canning:

Peaches, sweet sweet peaches!!


And now, I'm ready for the weekend.  

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