Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Great Pumpkin


Pumpkin bread. 


One of my favorite things about autumn is knowing that it will soon be time for one of my favorite treats...pumpkin bread. My mother always made an outstanding recipe that she baked in coffee cans.  Once I began home keeping, the tradition continued with a couple of changes:  I don't always use coffee cans anymore and I prefer to use fresh pumpkin. 

Ideally the pumpkin of choice is homegrown, but that doesn't always happen. Take last year, for example. We had a larger garden spot at my in-laws home. The pumpkin seeds were lovingly started and the vines were carefully tended. My excitement grew as I watched so many beautiful orange orbs ripen. The anticipation of those pie pumpkins turning into yumminess fueled my gardening care. 

And then it happened. 

Every single one of those gorgeous pie pumpkins disappeared from the garden. Cut from the vine. I am highly suspicious that one of their neighbors cut them for her own use as she has been known to visit and help herself to vegetables before. 

I was heartbroken. 

This year was not going to be a repeat. 

The master plan was to contain the plants in the raised beds at our farm. I cut back my production goals to only 5 plants. Seeds were tucked into the soil. Out of 5 seeds, only one germinated. That seemed to be okay as the plant was covered with all the right blooms. However, only one fruit grew. 

One is better than none. Especially considering this year's weird garden weather.  

Earl is my pie pumpkin protector. 

It's a Great Little Pumpkin. 

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