Saturday, September 5, 2015

What do you expect...

for $1.98???

I dearly love hanging my clothes on a line to dry. Always have and always will. 

Not to mention the "solar powered" dryer being wonderful for utility bills, it is sort of the slow cooker equivalent in laundry. Hang it and forget it. 

Unless a thunderstorm pops up like it did today. 

My peg bag had already fallen apart. Which was to be expected considering what it was made of. 

This afternoon I hung out at my sewing machine for a little bit and whipped up a new bag using a heavy duty hanger and some olllllld ticking fabric that was in a remnant pile from my Granny's and Great Grandmother's fabric stash. 

Hung up the rest of the laundry and went my merry way. Until, a pop up storm decided to pretend the clothes line pole was a bendy straw.  My dearest fixed and reset the pole. The new bag got a little 
wet but held up just fine and if the feather pillows the ticking was originally used for are any gauge, this little bag will be around for many years. 

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