Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Purging and Purl

Over the weekend I completed the monumental task of sorting through and cleaning out one side of the basement garage. Boxes of stuff had been sitting there for over a year. Stuff that desperately needed to be sorted.

The goal of minimizing our collective "stuff" to only things we love and use has been liberating. Granted, some of the items remaining are being stored for our children. One day those things will go back to them, but until then I have a responsibility to store them. 

I was ruthless with the rest of it and completely stuffed my car with items to donate, filled the back of the truck with items to trash and brought the items to keep into the basement for further sorting/purging. There are still multiple containers of the out of control numbers of Snowbabies Christmas ornaments that need to go away.  My boys' idea of how to dispose of them involves hanging them in the pine tree and doing a little target practice. I'm not on board with that plan. Not sure yet how I want to dispose of them..."collectibles", in reality, translates most of the time to be:  "items you spend a lot of money on that NOBODY wants a few years later."  Seriously, I can't give these suckers away!

As of last night, all of the boxes in the basement (that are not storing other people's treasures) have been unpacked, put away and purged from. You may want to sit down for this, but I even got rid of several knitting books, 3+ years of knitting/spinning magazines and even a couple of knitting projects I have no intention of completing. Painful experience?  Far from it.  Liberating.  Joyous. Calming.  Everything but painful. 

In the midst of sorting through knitting supplies, I found little Miss Purl.  She has taken up residence hanging out on my knitting bag where she can be my talisman for fiber activities.  Welcome back Purl, guard my projects well.  


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Yakkity Yak

Have been slowly (and intermittently) spinning away at this lovely fiber for well over a year. It sat in my stash for nearly a year before it got onto the wheel.

It's been so long...and I lost the info band...that I can't remember if it is a yak/cashmere or yak/silk blend. Pretty sure it's the latter, but it's irrelevant to the fact that this stuff is soooo incredibly soft and lovely.  True, it was a pain until I got the message from it about how it preferred to be spun. 

And now, here is the first bobbin, spun and plied into the first skein of what appears to be (pre-soak) mostly lace weight to light fingering weight yarn. Scale weight is coming in at 4.9 ounces which should translate to well over 400 yards. I won't know exactly until it is soaked, hung to dry and re-skeined. Straight off the bobbin and niddy noddy it hangs perfectly balanced...yay me!!!

Still to be spun sits 5.3 ounces of soft sin. 

I'm going as fast as I can.  Not really, but let's stick with that little white lie for now, shall we? 

What do you think it wants to be in its knitted up grown up life?  Keep in mind there most likely will be a total of 800-1000 yards of final product yarn.  Pretty sure beads need to be involved. I'm all ears for your suggestions. 


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