Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Noise vs. dirt

Last week I was in Okinawa visiting my middle son. It was a wonderful trip. My sister went with me for a Sister's Trip of a Lifetime. What splendid adventures we had with Chris!

The only downside was the limited contact that I had with my darling hubby. You see, he does not participate in Facebook or any other social media platform (smart man) and rarely has his cell phone within reach ...or even charged/turned on .  We knew that because we both have iPhones that, as long as I had access to WiFi, we could text at no cost.  That plan worked fine except for my struggles with figuring out what time and what day it was back home! This trip was the longest we have gone without actually verbally speaking to each other. 

Upon my return home, he commented on how quiet the house was without me in it.  Normally we dearly love how utterly still and quiet the house is, but apparently I make a lot of noise. Good noise, he was quick to point out. 

The running joke around here is that he is a grown up version of the quintessential boy...you know, the one that is defined as dirt with noise. While I am apparently just noise. 

Now before anyone gets offended by that, (I found it to be simply sweet and a reflection of his love) let me explain what he said that meant. Without me in the house, there was no activity in the kitchen, no yummy smells were created. There was no one at his side helping with house, work and farm chores. There was no soft humming as I completed tasks.  There was no gentle whirring as my feet treadled my spinning wheel. There was no subtle clicking of knitting needles as I worked on a project while curled up on the couch next to him.   All the little auditory indicators of my presence were missing and he missed me. 

Wow!  No greeting card has ever been written that expresses that sentiment in such a deeply personal way. I am loved. 

So, tonight I was verrrry "noisy" and made one of his favorite treats. I will happily be the noise part of my grown up version of dirt with noise. We are meant to be together. 



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