Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Randomosity

Because why not be random...

Sitting on the windowsill above my dressing table are visual reminders of past and future fun times with my sons.  (the cat was a novelty that Chris got me while I was visiting him in Okinawa)  For several years, we have had the tradition of a small toy that gets hidden in the house and whoever finds it, hides it again.  These two are awaiting visits from my boys so that they may be put into action. 


Forget the Love's Sugar Shack Season!


Everything is better with fresh baked bread.


Annisette is the self-appointed guardian of the barn pen and pasture gates.

The other night when I was bringing in the sheep, it was cold and snowy.  So, I snapped a selfie.


The girls are keeping us well fed at breakfast.


My Okinawa trip knitting project is complete.  Vanilla Latte socks using Zauberball Crazy yarn.  No matchy matchy on purpose.


Sometimes I think the girls are just as surprised by what happens in the nesting boxes as we are.


The "clean out the fiber stash to make room for the homegrown fiber" continues...


Happy Valentine's Day weekend!

1 comment:

  1. what a great photo of you! And those eggs look so fresh and delicious. Cool socks, too!



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