Friday, February 5, 2016


Late last night my feet were treadling away trying to finish the third night of navajo plying a couple of bobbins onto my jumbo bobbin.  You see, I am on a mission.  A jumbo mission.  To spin up the jumbo stash of fiber BEFORE shearing starts in April.

I'm a little scared.  Maybe even jumbo scared.  Not of the shearing process, but of the sheer magnitude (haha see what I did there?) of the number of fleeces that will have to be processed.

                 Tri-color Blue Faced Leicester in Stained Glass colorway by Frabjous Fibers                

Initially the plan was to shear, keep a few fleeces and send the rest off to be processed.  But, true to form, and to quote the 3 or 4 year old me, "I can do it meself!"  

So, I will.  One way or another.  The rest of my fiber stash will get spun.  The storage system for the hand spun yarn is going to have to change, since the current system is overflowing.  Guess I should probably start knitting with more of it in my spare time.  That was funny.  

In the meantime, potential jumbo surrounds me.  Jumbo yarn stash, jumbo fiber stash, jumbo fleeces waiting to be shorn, jumbo price tags for some pretty vitally important processing equipment to assure that this time next year I'm not still working on this year's fleeces and staring at the prospect of a fiber animal Groundhog Day.  And, if my plan works out in real life the way it has in my head, there will be a jumbo amount of lanolin saved from the fleece processing to use in homemade skin care products.  

Never fear, I CAN do it meself!!

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