Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Bees are Back in Town

We had plans to go pick up two nucs (nucleus colony) this evening and all day long there has been a soundtrack running through my head of a variation of "The Boys are Back in Town"...subbing boys with bees.

Last year's attempt at beekeeping started out great. Two nucs successfully installed. One seemed to be a far more docile hive that was slow to grow, while the other was more aggressive and rapidly reproducing.  So much so, that the aggressive one swarmed while the docile one died. 

After the swarm, the bees left in the hive appeared to be doing fine. They continued to build out frame, brood cells looked good and they successfully produced a new queen. 

And then the robber bees (yellow jackets) came. The hive was done for. 

After placing an order for two nucs several months ago, we have been patiently awaiting notification that they were ready to go. Tonight was the night.  


The first box looked great and was transferred to the hive without incident. And then things got interesting as the sun went down. The second box was not too keen on being the point of flying into our hair and my nose kept being used as a landing spot. (No, we don't wear gear...usually only long sleeves/pants...of course shorts and a tank top were my beekeeping outfit choice tonight). Out came the smoker to calm them. 

And just like that "The Bees are Back in Town"!

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