Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bobble the Sheep

Many years ago I was gifted a stuffed animal sheep.  It was the perfect huggy size and had real wool fleece.  That little sheepy made several moves with me and survived my children.  Eventually, it became so matted, dusty, dirty and sad looking that I got rid of it.

About a year ago, we embarked on the exciting journey of raising our own Shetland sheep.  They are adorable and a joy to be around.  Skimming through blogs one day I stumbled upon the Bobble Sheep Pillow pattern and knew one needed to come live with me.

Knowing that there were only a few short months before my fleece/fiber stash was going to explode on shearing day, it seemed logical to use up as much of the existing stash as possible.  In my stash was a goodly amount of undyed fiber of various types/blends:  some BFL, merino and merino/silk blend to be exact.  A friend allowed me to use her drum carder to blend it all together.

Once blended, the task of spinning to a goal of single ply bulky weight loomed.  I knew there were a couple of skeins of black Shetland that I had recently finished spinning and would be perfect for the head/ears/legs.  They say that once you start spinning consistently, you get in a groove and tend to always spin in the same manner and it can be difficult to change your technique. Boy, is that ever true.  My go to is to seemingly always spin to a lace weight or a little lighter and ply to my desired weight.  It was physically difficult to draft out enough to achieve a single ply bulky.

After all the fiber was spun, then the fun began.  Bobbles.  Bobbles.   Bobbles.  And still more bobbles.  I do not want to ever make another bobble again!

The final yarn, once knit up is a little looser than the pattern suggests, but I love it!

Bobble Sheep...welcome home!


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