Thursday, January 12, 2017

I've Lost My Mitten(s)...

and don't know where to find them.


I have no clue.

At all.

Wayyyy back in 2013 I started on what appears to be the never ending Peerie Flooers adventure.  The hat was cast on and actually finished in a normal time span.

Then came the mittens.  Oh, the mittens! So cute and begging to be in my world.

I cast on (in December of 2013!).  And they got pushed aside for other projects.

Then, hold the phone, it's time to work on them again! Never mind that it took over a year to get back to them.

Wait a you see a trend here?  Fast forward to December 2015.  Surprise! They are back and still not done.

This is where the whole story begins to unravel.  Because, I persevered and finished the first one.  I know, I know:  if there are no pictures then it never happened, but the ladies from my knitting group can attest that said finished mitten was in fact a reality.  Trust me on this one, ONE lonely mitten was finished and the mate was cast on LAST YEAR about this time.

Which brings us to this week.  Seems about right that I should work on the never ending pair of mittens.  (side note, the cute little matching hat that I did finish is still so stinking adorable and wonderfully warm to wear when outside doing barn duty)

So, I ventured to the basement and my  stack of storage boxes bursting with yarn and WIPS lovingly curated/organized stash of yarn and WIPS.  Success!  Located the project on the first try!  Waiiiittt a minute.  Where is the finished mitten???  In my hat/glove box?  No.  In my car?  No.  In my dresser?  No.

Sigh, I have lost my mitten.

So, here I sit with a cuff lining and most of a cuff done on the mate to a missing mitten.  I don't dare rip it out and reclaim the yarn because that would guarantee that the missing mitten would magically reappear and require this be started all over again.

I feel like a forlorn little kitten.

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