Friday, January 27, 2017

Sittin' time...

The remodeling projects for this house/farm seem to be never ending.  The upstairs of the house is so close to being done, it's not even funny.  All that is left big project wise is cutting and installing the custom trim work (then I get to paint it, but I like painting so no biggie...yes it would probably be easier/smarter to paint before installation but the little point about no space in the basement, garage, or workshop to spread it all out to paint and dry gets in the way).  After that, there are only small straggler punch list items to knock out upstairs.  

We had hoped to start on the basement this winter, but it may not happen this year.  I'm okay with that.  By the time spring rolls around, it will be full on garden prep, french drain digging/installing, deck installing and the beginning of landscaping the house.  (I hope.)

In the meantime, the crazy weird weather patterns of late afforded me the opportunity to finish staining the  sunporch ceiling.  It is not often that we have 60+ degree days in January!  There is something about a blue porch ceiling that makes me swoon.  The front porch ceiling was done late last fall and then the bottom fell out of my schedule to get anything else done. 

Whenever I get discouraged with the time line of project completion, all I have to do is look at the album of "before" pictures to remember how far this property has come in such a really short period of time.  Especially when you factor in the critical point that we did the bulk of all renovations ourselves.  

The sun porch BEFORE (there is a reason that these two pictures are the only ones that were shown with the real estate listing!...the rest would have deterred any and all interest)

And now the AFTER (technically, we still need to fashion some cedar switch and plate covers and hook up the electric to the new outer wall plugs, but those are spare time projects)

During the winter, we scoot the table closer to the windows to make room for the firewood rack.

Some of my favorite things live in this corner...the Arkansas cutout my son made from old painted scrap wood salvaged from my grandparent's and great grandparent's garages, the jars of buttons that belonged to my Granny (along with the cooler and lamp behind the table), the Chinese checkerboard that my great grandfather made, the corduroy baby quilt that was my father's, and the fish mount from one of my husband's "big catches" as a child.

To say I love everything about this space is an enormous understatement.  In the spring and summer, it is like sitting in a tree house.  The porch is above the garage and the trees surrounding it make for a leafy retreat.  

This weekend, winter has returned.  But, in a few short weeks porch sittin' time will be back!


  1. Love that your sheep pillow you were talking about? everything about this room!

  2. yep that is the sheep pillow. It is squiiiishy soft!



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