Friday, November 10, 2017

Proof of life...

What else is there to say that hasn't already been said? 

I have posted here no less than three new posts each week for this entire year.  Oh, wait.  They never left my head to make it to this little piece of the web.  Trust me, they were brilliantly written with stunning photography.  Not buying it?  Me neither, except for the part where I said they never left my head.  Good intentions and all that.

So much has happened at Two More Weeks Farm over the last several months.  (Have I ever shared how this pint sized property got its name?  **making mental note to write that post) 

There have been a few bee swarms, captured and lost, along with a number of nasty stings.  Gardens were planted, harvests taken, foods preserved-including so many raspberries that stuffed the freezers.  A new breed of chickens was added to our flock.  Sheep were shorn, lambs born (even a super surprise lamb from one of last year's lambs!!), lambs were lost and a ewe was lost.  Spinning and knitting have been sort of on auto-pilot.  Socks steadily left my needles, while fiber stalled on the wheels.  Travel has been at an all time record pace over the last few months. 

Where does that leave us/me?  Right here.  Smack dab in November wondering what the heck happened to the last year and all those good intentions.

This time of year also brings with it time of quiet reflection.  And pumpkin bread with hot tea.   Lots of hot tea. 

It is also the time of year when jars of sprouting lentils line up along my counter.  They provide an extra protein source/treat for the chickens to help promote laying and overall health through the winter months.

Leaves are finally releasing their hold from the branches.  Soon, the piles will be raked and blown onto the garden spot to provide blanketed protection to the precious food giving soil.  How stinking adorable is this mat???  DH teases me because every time I go out to the animals, I greet them with a "hello sweet things".  The mat seemed appropriate, so I got two! for the front door and one for the basement door.

 The most pressing projects on needles are some gifts for a precious new bundle on the way.  Every baby needs cashmere booties/hats and a polar bear rug!  The pattern is from Knitted Animal Nursery.

What has been stealing your time?

P.S.  I've missed being here.

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